Departments & Wards

Work beings at approximately 8.30 am straight after morning devotion (Hall of Hope).
On Wednesday at 08.30 am the CME - Continuing Medical Education takes place at the Hall of Hope.

Usually the patients are brought in by relatives, often from very great distances and are first seen by the Clinical Officers (CO) in the Out Patient Department (OPD). The first contact with the Health workers with a diploma in Clinical Medicine, so they can take the history and initiate appropriate treatment. The patient will then be sent to the ward. The patients more often than not present fairly late and needless to say very acutely unwell. The key is not to panic and give the prescribed medication time to work.


* Medical Ward
* Surgical Ward (Ojikan Ward)
* Children’s Ward (Stone Ward)
* Paediatrics Ward
* Maternity Ward
* Leprosy Ward
* Private Ward (Ndahura Ward)
* Nutrion Ward


* Radiology Department
* Theatres Department
* Eye Department
* Out Patients Dep.
* Parmacy Department
* Laboratory Department
* Administration Dep.
* Orthopaedic Workshop
* Community Health Dep.
* Hospital Farm
* Maternity Department
* Accounts Department
* MCH Department
* ART Department

Departments under Administration

* Human Resource
* ICT Department
* Support Services
* Security
* Medical Equipment
* Patient Debtors
* Pharmacy Stock
* Stores
* Church
* Community Liaison
* Estate Manager
* Forestry
* Maintenance


The Accommodation in our Wards is headed by the Hospital administrator and he is responsible for all full functions of the other departments under him.
He takes care of the full functioning of the estates, the church, the hospital pharmacy, medical equipment, security, human resources and support services.