August 3 2020

Twins on the Infant Radiant Warmer

The IRW was purchased using the funds from Government:- Results Based Financing (RBF) in order to improve service Delivery in the Hospital.
Infant radiant warmers are overhead heating units. They typically consist of a heat source, a skin-temperature sensor, an automatic (servo) control unit, and visual and audible alarms. After birth, infants are placed under a radiant warmer until they can achieve thermoregulation.

Twins at the Kumi Hospital, july 2020

with nurse Susun Acen (registered midwife)

with nurse Lucy Ikalebot
The hospital also received face shields from one of the Elective students from Austria.


* Medical Ward
* Surgical Ward (Ojikan Ward)
* Children’s Ward (Stone Ward)
* Paediatrics Ward
* Maternity Ward
* Leprosy Ward
* Private Ward (Ndahura Ward)
* Nutrion Ward


* Radiology Department
* Theatres Department
* Eye Department
* Out Patients Dep.
* Parmacy Department
* Laboratory Department
* Administration Dep.
* Orthopaedic Workshop
* Community Health Dep.
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Departments under Administration

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* Church
* Community Liaison
* Estate Manager
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The Accommodation in our Wards is headed by the Hospital administrator and he is responsible for all full functions of the other departments under him.
He takes care of the full functioning of the estates, the church, the hospital pharmacy, medical equipment, security, human resources and support services.