Church Missionary Society (CMS) established Kumi Hospital (KH) in 1929 as a Leprosy Centre to cater for those affected by leprosy all over the Eastern and Northern regions of Uganda and Southern Sudan.
Currently, it serves a population of approximately 4 million people. KH is a member of the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB); it is therefore a Private Not-for-Profit (PNFP) institution. The hospital is a registered entity and accredited by the Ministry of Health (MoH).
Since its inception in 1929, Kumi Hospital has made a transformation from being a disability center to a general hospital. It has since increased its operations substantially amidst challenges and has changed its methods of work to suit the situations.
HealthCare Service delivery
Kumi Hospital Offers Health Service deliveries to the community.

Dr Olupot Robert With the Staff
Who is currently the Medical Director of the Hospital Posses for the Picture with his Staff. This is a sign of love and unity for for your staff.
Dr Bass and other Orthopaedics
Kiza Oliver the Othorpaedic Officer Left hand-side, Dr Bass Orthorpaedic consultant Center and the late Dr Torn Orthopaedic Consultant Right hand-side posse for staff together picture.

Dr Godfrey streaches apoint that; New Strategic Planning, by its very nature, represents an opportunity for us to take stock of all our activities over the past 5 years, which have been a turning point for Kumi Hospital, and to plan for the next 5 years which will usher in a renewed hope of strengthening our service delivery to the patient. The Board is committed to engaging all the stakeholders and development partners to refocus their energies and enable Kumi Hospital to reach greater heights. We want to position Kumi Hospital as a centre of excellence in this region. Human resource training, both for doctors and nurse and midwives are being planned for. We are optimistic that Kumi Hospital has only one direction to go, that is up. God Bless. May the Godd Lord continue leading you as we servr His People.

Out Patients Department
This this new look of the Out Patients Department. This Section of the Hospital has gone through renovations under the supervision of our trust worthy engineer.
Patients Waiting
Patients in OPD waiting at the X-ray point for the X-ray sevices.

director's Comment In his talk,Dr Robert argues that; we will achieve our objectives through empowered team leaders. We are a private not for profit hospital and hence our charges and income have to be sustainable. We are one of the larger UMPB hospitals and by 2017 we aim to be the top hospital in the accreditation ratings. I recognise and thank all those who have made views and opinions that have been of great utility value to the strategic planning process. I request all staff and stakeholders to join us by supporting this institution in achieving the status of being valued and protected in the prevention and delivery of healthcare service and medical training and research for the people in the Community of Ongino Sub-county, Teso Region, Uganda and the rest of East Africa. Let us all draw our strength and comfort from scripture Psalms 23. NB: Remeber to watch your ways as you walk Prudently in the sight og The Almighty God in 2018. Wish you a wonderful Beginning of the new year.

Volunteers from NetherLands
Kumi Hospital always receives volunteers from Netherland who come to do their Field work Trainnings
Elective Students Crossing the River.

Normally When Elective students come to the country, they get involved in outreaches in hard to reach Communities

Picture around Lake Bisina

images around Lake Bisina

The Location of Ongino

The Hospital Infrastructure

The Hospital Quarters